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This post is NOT DONE yet.

This is a tutorial and/or guide on how to create your own D&D character.
This tutorial is specifically focusing on players that have never created a D&D Character before and want to play in a non-professional setting.

Here is a list of the things we need to know about your character:

  • Their Race (Elf, Gnome, Half-Orc, Human, etc)
  • Their Name, Gender and Generic Backstory
  • Their Class (Sorceror, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, etc) and Skills
  • Their Ability Scores
  • Their Status and birthplace
  • Their Family Situation
  • Their Background
As you may see there are quite a few things to decide on and these are only the essentials but don't worry!
Once you make the more broad decisions such as your character's race and class the more specific decisions become a lot easier.

Keep in mind that you are making a character, so basically a new person. So make sure to answer any questions you have about your character as them and not as yourself and remember you can always change things about your character before you start playing so if you don't think a decision you made earlier fits your character feel free to change it.

Picking a class
The first thing we are going to decide on is the class of your character, this will often determine in what way they will resolve situations and what special skills or "powers" they have. Classes will also help you decide what kind of character you want them to become.

Here is a list of classes and a small description of some of the classes. If you want to know more about a specific class make sure to read this page (TODO: Insert URL).

Sorcerers are one of the magic using classes and as such have a wide arrangement of spells.
Sorcerer characters were born with the ability to use magic. Why they were born with this magic is determined by the Sorcerous Origin you choose.

One of the example Origins is Draconic Bloodline which basically means that one of your forefathers either made a pact or "mingled" with a dragon which caused all future descendants to have draconic blood and as such all descendants became Sorcerers.

Sorcerers are able to cast any spell they have learned as long as they have enough spell slots left.

If you decide you want to be a sorcerer read this post (TODO: Make and link post about creating a sorcerer character).

As you may know in order to play Dnd you need to have at least a DM and one player, but that does not mean that you can't start preparing to play! A good part of the fun in DnD is creating your own character or world! So if you don't have anyone to play with look into the background of your character as well as possibly the place they grew up in or even the entire world around them and before you know it you will be playing DnD all by yourself! And you can use a part of the stories you made to prepare yourself for when you play with your friends Smile

there cool as hell...  
 I Heart them

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I am just going to start a topic here to have a discussion with board members. My topic is hobbies. Hobby is something very delighting and fun giving which a person like to enjoy in free time to have fun. I just love to go for traveling my spare time to have fun and excitement in life. Which sort of things do you like to try out to have a remarkable time?

If you're a fairly good DM I would like to discuss helping our site get content. we have custom forum badges if interested if you would like to become a GameMaster (GM) or Dungeon Master (DM) get ahold of me here or ask Alice how you can help...

Tell us about your favourite Dungeons and Dragons stories, what event stuck with you the most?

(Writing one myself at the moment.)

Being a new member of the community, I am going to say Hello to all board members. My name is 
[Image: Kendra-design-stripes-name.gif]
and I am from the Houston, Texas. I have joined this community a few minutes ago and feeling happy to be an active part of it. I am quite optimistic that I am going to spend truly a fantastic time here.

There are several tools out there to play tabletop games online but most use desktop applications or even 3D environments. While I generally prefer these when it comes to tabletop games I want to get into playing quickly. I don't want to have to explain to everyone how to install and configure a desktop application and I want to be able to quickly add maps, characters and enemies. Luckily we now have Roll20 which allows you to play most tabletop games for no cost!

On it, you can create characters using their own dynamic character sheets which updates relevant information when you change things (example: If you equip your armour it changes your amour class for you) and you can build maps using drawing tools. Frankly, I don't think any post of mine will do it justice, so please go and check it out for yourself at https://roll20.net


I wanted to tell you guys and girls about a really useful website that allows you to create your entire character using a convenient web-based interface: https://www.orcpub2.com/

[Image: chrome_2018-10-09_16-32-2399367fb7929d3705.th.png]

On Orcpub you can create your character through a wizard (no, not the fire throwing kind; although you can make one of those with it), where it will ask you to choose one of the D&D races, ability scores (it can roll for you, give you point buy options, give you the default stats or you can enter your own numbers that you rolled), background, class, spells, proficiencies and lastly equipment. Once you've filled everything in it allows you to either use the site to play (not as nice as roll20 but oh well) or better: Print a totally filled in character sheet!

While the default version currently doesn't contain all the needed content due to copyright issues you can import content from the internet such as homebrew or (if you own the D&D books) even the official classes from D&D.

Hello and welcome to our new website,

We are still setting up some parts of the site so if you see some placeholder text somewhere; don't worry, we're on it!

Soon the site will be filled with guides for a variety of different Roleplay based games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun but also digital games such as MUDs, Space station 13 and more!

Thank you for your patience and I hope you will enjoy our content!

Kind regards,
Head-Developer and Founder of RoleplayTomb.com