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[Tutorial/Guide] How do I create a D&D 5e Character (for beginners) [WIP]
This post is NOT DONE yet.

This is a tutorial and/or guide on how to create your own D&D character.
This tutorial is specifically focusing on players that have never created a D&D Character before and want to play in a non-professional setting.

Here is a list of the things we need to know about your character:
  • Their Race (Elf, Gnome, Half-Orc, Human, etc)
  • Their Name, Gender and Generic Backstory
  • Their Class (Sorceror, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, etc) and Skills
  • Their Ability Scores
  • Their Status and birthplace
  • Their Family Situation
  • Their Background
As you may see there are quite a few things to decide on and these are only the essentials but don't worry!
Once you make the more broad decisions such as your character's race and class the more specific decisions become a lot easier.

Keep in mind that you are making a character, so basically a new person. So make sure to answer any questions you have about your character as them and not as yourself and remember you can always change things about your character before you start playing so if you don't think a decision you made earlier fits your character feel free to change it.

Picking a class
The first thing we are going to decide on is the class of your character, this will often determine in what way they will resolve situations and what special skills or "powers" they have. Classes will also help you decide what kind of character you want them to become.

Here is a list of classes and a small description of some of the classes. If you want to know more about a specific class make sure to read this page (TODO: Insert URL).

Sorcerers are one of the magic using classes and as such have a wide arrangement of spells.
Sorcerer characters were born with the ability to use magic. Why they were born with this magic is determined by the Sorcerous Origin you choose.

One of the example Origins is Draconic Bloodline which basically means that one of your forefathers either made a pact or "mingled" with a dragon which caused all future descendants to have draconic blood and as such all descendants became Sorcerers.

Sorcerers are able to cast any spell they have learned as long as they have enough spell slots left.

If you decide you want to be a sorcerer read this post (TODO: Make and link post about creating a sorcerer character).
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