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[Tool] Orcpub

I wanted to tell you guys and girls about a really useful website that allows you to create your entire character using a convenient web-based interface:


On Orcpub you can create your character through a wizard (no, not the fire throwing kind; although you can make one of those with it), where it will ask you to choose one of the D&D races, ability scores (it can roll for you, give you point buy options, give you the default stats or you can enter your own numbers that you rolled), background, class, spells, proficiencies and lastly equipment. Once you've filled everything in it allows you to either use the site to play (not as nice as roll20 but oh well) or better: Print a totally filled in character sheet!

While the default version currently doesn't contain all the needed content due to copyright issues you can import content from the internet such as homebrew or (if you own the D&D books) even the official classes from D&D.

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