Kendra here
Being a new member of the community, I am going to say Hello to all board members. My name is 
[Image: Kendra-design-stripes-name.gif]
and I am from the Houston, Texas. I have joined this community a few minutes ago and feeling happy to be an active part of it. I am quite optimistic that I am going to spend truly a fantastic time here.
Hello Kendra,

Welcome to the site! We're happy to get a new member on the forum!
I'd be interested to know how you came across the site Smile.

Kind regards,
welcome to our little hole in the wall site!
what's your game?
how did you hear about us?
Hello, Guys, I am feeling really happy to be the part of this board. I must say that you guys liked to say me welcome here in a good way. I liked this thing. I found this community through the google search and decided to be part of it cause it seems interesting to me to have a conversation.

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